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           Welcome to the home of FRC Team 2832, the Livonia Warriors, of Livonia, Michigan. Please spend some time exploring our website to learn more about us and FIRST in general. Our team is comprised of students from all three Livonia Public High Schools: Churchill High School, Franklin High School, and Stevenson High School. We are in our sixth season of FIRST competitions, and are proud to have qualified for the Michigan State Championship three times in the past. We appreciate the support of our terrific mentors including parents and representatives from some of our sponsors, such as AISIN Technical Center of America, Inc. and DENSO International America, Inc.. As a team, we are geared up and ready for the challenges and fun that are sure to come with this season's exciting competitions!

Additionally we have just submitted for the FIRST 2014 Website and Media Award, so wish us luck! Email any suggestions or feedback to us at feedback@livoniawarriors.com. Click here to view our award submission form.

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Tell us what you think of our site! Send your advice to "feedback at livoniawarriors dot com"!

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